An Autumn Bucket List

As we settle into one of my favorite seasons of the year. Autumn. I’m all for Autumn: wrapping up in warm layers, crisp sunny days, halloween and all the wonderful madness that comes with it, wearing knee socks, open fires, long nature walks, comforting foods and hot drinks that warm my belly.

So, as the nights grow longer and the leaves more golden here is a list of goals and challenges that I hope to achieve this month.

Autumn 2012 to-do:

  • Carve as many pumpkins as I can and decorate my home in time for Halloween.
  • Make pumpkin cookies.
  • Bake apple pie, apple tart and apple crumble. Eat apple anything! I love the products from Ballyhoura Apple Farm.
  • Enjoy some s’mores over a bonfire. Aswell as make these from {farmette}.
  • Get traditional and bake a Barmbrack like this one from the English Market in Cork.
  • Go for a delicious picnic somewhere beautiful.
  • Attend more hurling matches. Success means a longer season!
  • Go for walks in the woods, strolls in the parks and hikes in the mountains. Embrace the crisp autumnal air and jump into a pile of crunchy leaves.
  • Photograph everything- I have been seriously neglecting my inner photographer lately.
  • Spend one day at home; stay in my pajamas, watch movies under a blanket, sip hot drinks by the fire and cuddle up with boyfriend and bulldog.
  • Blog one post a week. I will try, I promise.

Will there be time for it all? I don’t know. But hopefully I will have ticked off a lot of this list by the time Winter arrives and I can start another one.

Do you have you any plans for Autumn 2012?

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